'73 Rad Ride!!

Flashback.....2014. I get the itch for another vehicle with air ride. Found this 1973 Squareback on Craigslist, asking price $900. A deal was struck and soon found this car in my driveway. Never knew much about Type 3's but this thing was cool! Wagon, 2 doors, plenty of room, and air cooled! So the standard new brakes, tie rods, getting running etc got all done. Drove the car for the summer and loved it. Thumbs up and smiles everywhere I went. Then the gears started spinning and was thinking it was time for air ride and give this wagon the proper stance. Major props to my good friend Ryan Rintelman for much of the fab work, welding, installation, use of his garage....everything. Without him this project doesn't happen!. The rear air setup was all his dream work and execution. The front started with a 3" narrowed beam built by Patrick Colvard. Setup and designed for the older link pin front end. This required me to acquire a donor link pin front beam for the arms. That came courtesy of Josh Andersen (JOGR). Got the front end assembled complete with EMPI 2" drop spindles, new king and link pins, bushings, brakes, bearings, tie rods, the whole 9 yards. Running a Little Larry's Touche valve setup, 5 gallon tank, and a Viair 444c compressor. Had the wheels sandblasted and powder coated a Powder Blue color, which I think looks perfect in contrast to the Texas Yellow. The car rides like a dream. Only other upgrade to the car has been the 55amp alternator conversion. Spring time plans include low back seats from an early Beetle and a motor freshening up.