"Down To One"

"Down To One"

Over the years like many of us, I have owned a lot of Classic Volkswagens.
All of them Buses & all of them campers. Sure, if a great deal came along I would love to fix up a good year Bug, Ghia or Fasty but I guess, as it seems to me, certain Vdubs find us. I had just sold my '79 Riviera to a really nice girl from Nebraska & was a bit sad to see it go... but new owners are so happy it makes it easier to let go.

So now I was on the search for a new ride. That same night I found a '78 Riviera. After reading the description she had me at original paint! You just know when you find the one. So if we are not vending at a show or on the road... We are camping out or spending time working in the garage. 

The amount of joy & happiness these Classic Vdubs bring to us all is just amazing to me. To the friendships we build & to the love we all share...  it's a lifestyle I am grateful to be a part of.
       ~ Brian Oliver / Contributing Writer  

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