All In The Family

All In The Family

 I was born into a Chevy family.
My parents drove me home from the hospital in my dad’s black GMC pickup, and my baby brother came home 5 years later in my mom’s Z28 (he always was the favorite). My dad worked at GM and later owned his own autobody shop, so there was always some hunk of American steel being banged on and crawled under in our garage.
So I was certainly not groomed to one day become Mrs. Vintage Autostick Owner- or as I tend to call it, A Long Suffering VW Wife. When I met my husband, the most I knew about Volkswagens was the typical pop-culture knowledge; Bumblebee from Transformers was originally a Beetle, Herbie was the original Christine (with kinder intentions of course), and serial killer Ted Bundy drove a Bug. Like everyone I knew the surface bits and pieces, but I knew nothing about the heart and soul of the VW culture.


Luckily my husband was (and still is) a patient teacher. He explained the intricacies of the  and the simplicity of the engine. He was excited for me when I got a VW of my own (a Convertible Rabbit, my nod to Andie MacDowell and St. Elmo’s Fire), and he didn’t get mad when I killed the engine in his Super Beetle (in my defense, I thought the black pluggy thingy in the oil screen was gunk and was supposed to be thrown away). When the company I worked for was sold, we used my severance pay to buy and restore his beloved Slushy, and we’ve painted her together more times than I can count. We drove her around after renewing our marriage vows on Siesta Key, and to this day I still cry whenever I see her on a tow truck.


But most importantly, I wasn’t prepared for the love that comes with owning a VW. When you get a Volkswagen you don’t just get a car- you get a community. VW owners are a special tribe. When you become a part of the right VW group, you become family. They will drop everything to come help you on the side of the freeway in a rainstorm. They will welcome you to a strange city and hug you and feed you and introduce you to their kids. Maybe they only know you from your pictures on FaceBook, but they will share your joys and mourn your sorrows as if they have lived next door to you all of your life. It’s a vibe like no other, and it’s the true spirit of owning a Volkswagen.
No, I wasn’t prepared to become a VW wife. But now that I am, I can’t imagine being anything else.
    ~Stevie Case / Featured Writer & Vw Enthusiast



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